Today I’m sharing a lot more of my Tommy Hilfiger favorites since Tommy’s holiday pieces were just as well great to pass up.  This plaid pleated skirt will absolutely be on constant rotation throughout my holiday celebration circuit (and beyond).  I believe it might absolutely fly at the office on those of you who are a tad a lot more small than I am.  I’m on the tall side (5’10”) which makes it a bit short on me for work, so I wore it casually instead with this incredible chunky cableknit turtleneck as well as olive parka.  I plan on using it once again later this week with the navy tie neck blouse that I paired with the navy as well as black tuxedo fit below.

Look 1: SKIRT: c/o Tommy Hilfiger  |  SWEATER: c/o Tommy Hilfiger  |  PARKA: c/o Tommy Hilfiger  |  SHOES: c/o Tommy Hilfiger (more excellent choices here)  |  TIGHTS: HUE

I’ve been on the search for an olive parka for a long time, as well as this was well worth the wait.  It’s so relaxing as well as was just the jacket I needed in the cold, rainy weather condition we’ve had in San Francisco recently.  It’s absolutely top of my packing listing for when I take on even harsher weather condition in Wisconsin at Christmas time.

As you can probably guess, this navy tuxedo is quickly the favorite workwear addition to my wardrobe of late.  With an ideal fit, the perfect navy/black combo, as well as just the ideal menswear touches, it’s getting a great deal of utilize already.  It’s the best year-round staple, as well as I’m believing of snatching up the matching gown also to total the set.  As I’ve pointed out lots of times before, there’s nothing much better in terms of versatility as well as bang for your buck than getting several pieces that opt for the exact same fit jacket.

This silver enjoy is absolutely a new preferred that hasn’t left my wrist considering that it emerged from the box.  The best size—big however not too big—it’s just the ideal menswear completing touch.

As a nod to the holiday season, I paired the fit with this faux fur topper.  It was just the joyful touch I needed to make the traditional look feel seasonally appropriate.  It’s incredible exactly how an accessory or topper such as this one can turn an otherwise season-free attire into the best holiday look!

Look 2: PANTS: c/o Tommy Hilfiger  |  BLAZER: c/o Tommy Hilfiger (also similar here)  |  SHIRT: c/o Tommy Hilfiger (sold out, other choices here)  |  FAUX fur JACKET: c/o Tommy Hilfiger  |  BRACELET: c/o Tommy Hilfiger  |  WATCH: c/o Tommy Hilfiger  |  SHOES: c/o SJP Collection

Speaking of the holidays, if you haven’t taken a look at the 2015 holiday Memo yet, absolutely flip through!  It’s got a few of my preferred holiday outfits, Christmas traditions as well as all of my finest gift ideas.  As you may have noticed, I likewise added a countdown to the top of the righthand sidebar right here on Memorandum.  Yeah, a little panick-inducing, no?  It’s one more attempt to force myself to surface up Christmas shopping before I have to spend all of my lease money in overnight shipping.  I realized the tip really gives me the needed begin the pants to polish off the final products on my gift list, as well as believed it may assist a few of you as well!

This publish was created in partnership with Tommy Hilfiger.

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